More snow this week

Earlier this week it snowed again:

<%image(20031122-smDSCN0395.jpg|256|192|2nd Snow)%>

We got a bit more snow than the last time. But it was still wet snow. Snow kept falling until early afternoon but it stopped sticking earlier than that and was melting faster than it came down. Then it turned to rain. All of the snow is gone now.

Let it snow

It snowed Saturday night. We didn’t get much. The next morning it was still snowing/mixed with rain at some points. I took a picture of the field across the street while it was snowing:

<%image(20031103-snowing hard_sm.jpg|256|192|First Snow 2003)%>

It wasn’t much snow and it was wet but that’s still more snow then we had last year. It’s all gone now. It had melted by yesterday afternoon.

Porch Garden

Yesterday I mapped out our little porch. It’s only ~11’x6′ space. I figured we could fit ten EarthBoxes into the space out there and still have a walkway out the slider. I think we’ll be planning for the spring. If we can figure out what we want to grow then in the spring we’ll order the boxes, seed, etc. and get started. We can’t do a whole lot in the space available but we can do some work. Plus the EarthBoxes will be something we can use for a long time.

Last of the basil

The only thing that I grew this year was some basil in a container. It didn’t do all that well. This next spring I want to try an EarthBox and grow multiple herbs. Hopefully it’ll work better. Even so the last of the basil was good. I used it with last night with some homemade spaghetti.

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