I just don’t understand the fascination with fireworks.

Why is it fun setting off small explosives? I guess we’re a bit different than some folks because we tend to go to bed early and wake up early. It was quite frustrating to be woken up last night to lots of fireworks being set off around us in the neighborhood. Poppy, one of our dogs, was terrified. All in all not the way I want to bring in the New Year.

Snowfall last night

We went to bed early last night because I was worn out from work. When I woke up a couple hours later I noticed how bright it was outside and got up to look. It was snowing pretty hard and there was already two inches. If it had continued we’d have a lot of snow this morning. Unfortunately it must have stopped soon after I looked because there is still only two inches. And it’s melting. Oh well. Snow just doesn’t usually stick around here. We’re supposed to get rain today and then more snow tonight.

Christmas on Sherman Pass

<%image(20031225-sherman1225.jpg|224|168|Christmas on Sherman Pass)%>

Sherman Pass in the the highest pass in Washington and happens to be in Ferry County, not far from the county seat in Republic. This image comes from the Washington Traffic Pass cam that’s up on Sherman Pass. Although the valley below hasn’t had much snow clearly the mountains around are having a white Christmas.


Yesterday I carried home the Christmas tree. It really confused the guy where I bought the tree that I didn’t have a car to put the tree on. People just don’t think about walking anywhere — and can’t imagine walking while carrying something. The tree was a bit heavy but nothing I couldn’t manage.

Once it was home and in place Shakespeare, our cat, decided that the tree was his and chased the dogs away.

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