Lost posts, moving on…

We had some trouble with our website host and lost several posts, we switched hosts and I was going to re-post the lost ones but it hasn’t happened and at this point I doubt I will. After the trouble with our web host we just got very busy with house hunting and buying and then […]

Planned Power Outage

The power company has a power outage planned for this Thursday and Friday. We’re not sure it will effect us here but to be on the safe side we will be shutting down the server. This website, along with the other websites we host, will all be unavailable for that time.

Name change

We’ve changed the name of the site. Why? Eventually we’d like to have a fiber farm with sheep and goats. Possibly other fibers too, both vegetable and animal. For awhile now we’ve considered different names until Kate came up with this one.

Photo Gallery

I’ve added a Photo Gallery to the new site. I have a bunch of photos to upload, but here are a a couple from our first porch garden. [thumb:2:l][thumb:1:r]Back from 2004 our Earthboxes first arrived and we started our seeds in the window. Those are Thai Pink Egg tomatoes coming up. The new gallery should […]

Library Search

I’ve taken the Greasemonkey script created by Carrick Mundell and modified it to work with the Timberland Regional Library catalog. Right-click and choose Install. (Assuming you’ve already installed Greasemonkey). With this script when you browse for a book on Amazon the link will show you if it is available in the Timberland Regional Library system. […]

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