Menu Plan Monday, err on Tuesday

Didn’t quite get around to posting yesterday. Last night for dinner we had the roast pork shoulder that was on the menu last week, I didn’t have room in the fridge to start thawing it until the end of the week. It was really easy to make (though it took a long time to roast) and the meat is wonderful!


Pork shoulder sitting on top of onions and oranges, waiting to go back in the fridge overnight.


All done, literally just falling apart. So tasty!

On the menu this week:

  • Hamburgers with sweet potato fries. (no buns)
  • Roast pork shoulder with asparagus
  • Ham and asparagus omelets
  • Pepperoni, olive, and mushroom pizza with almond flour crust
  • Sausage and mushroom tomato sauce over zucchini noodles
  • Vegetable stir fry with leftover pork
  • Irish bangers (from Trader Joe’s) with vegetables and fingerling potatoes

Without the pork roast last week our menu sort of changed and we had pizza with the almond flour crust one night. The recipe is from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam, unfortunately she hasn’t posted it online. It is a very thin, cracker like crust but I think when you give up grains you’ve just got to say goodbye to that bready pizza crust. This was so much better than the cream cheese crust we’d tried before. If you’re eating gluten free or grain free and like to bake I highly recommend this book. Though I swap out the agave nectar that she lists in most recipes and instead use honey.


Tasty pizza with an almond flour crust.

That’s our Primal menu for the week. To see what other people are having visit I’m an Organizing Junkie. Thanks for stopping by.

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