Painter at Work

Xander is really in to painting right now, asks to do it every day. Unfortunately the finger paints have all been used up so we’ve been going through my stash of acrylics— acrylics stain clothing. Oops! But he’s having fun.

Painting egg cartons to make daffodils.
Here they are still distinct colors, eventually he mixed them all together until they were a lovely shade of gray.
So I decided to just give him one color at a time. Red was a poor choice, there was a certain "redrum" imagery going on. Notice the handprints.
Painting some nesting boxes. Yellow and

One reply on “Painter at Work”

  1. Oh so cute! Love his “concentrating” face.

    One of S’ favorite things to do (still!) is a variation on a pre-k activity, where you experiment dropping food coloring into water or milk (milk makes the prettiest images). How do the colors blend? What happens if you add a drop of dish soap? Fun, fun, fun…

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