Painter at Work

Xander is really in to painting right now, asks to do it every day. Unfortunately the finger paints have all been used up so we’ve been going through my stash of acrylics— acrylics stain clothing. Oops! But he’s having fun.

Granny Goose’s Mother’s Day Quilt

It all started last year and it was all Aunt Diane’s fault. She had the idea that we should make a memory quilt for Grandma for her next birthday. We all loved the idea, however being a family of procrastinators there was no way it would be ready for Grandma’s 87th birthday. Thanks to lots […]

Block of the Month #1

The quilt store down by the Olympia Farmers Market, Bayside Quilting has a Buck a Block program. Each month they have the supplies for a quilt block and once you sign up it just costs a buck to pick up your block. I signed up in June and bought the blocks I’d missed and have […]

McCoy’s all stitched up!

No, no emergency trips to the vet. I just finished my quilt block of McCoy. The two quilt blocks are for a raffle quilt to raise money for the rat terrier rescue that we adopted McCoy through, Ratbone Rescues. Here is McCoy and his quilt block. Sewing is not my forte. Everything about it is […]

Ice cream and Yogurt

We’ve been doing some more cooking. Banana and chocolate ice cream (but that’s not really cooking is it? Mixing?). Both came out very good. Yesterday Kate made her first batch of yogurt. We also made a pizza and used part of the cheese I made the other day.

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