Again on a Tuesday, Monday Plan Menu

On our grain free Primal Menu this week is:

  • Baked ham with asparagus (made this last night, oh so good!)
  • Spaghetti sauce over zucchini noodles. I have been sauteing the zucchini but this time I’m going to try broiling them.
  • Cabbage with kielbasa
  • Salmon??? This was supposed to be cod with a spinach topping but the fish counter wasn’t open when we were at the store and I have salmon in the freezer, not sure exactly what I’ll be making.
  • Chicken taco salad.
  • Broccoli and ham with cheese sauce (to help with my mac-n-cheese craving, Ryan made it a few weeks ago and it really was good!)

I’m also thinking of trying this Flourless Chocolate Cake, it does have sugar but I think a treat would be nice.

Here’s a photo of the spaghetti I made last week, it had meatballs (not homemade but gluten free!) that were really good. This spaghetti was over spaghetti squash which I like okay but don’t love. One of the great things about going Primal was discovering zucchini noodles. I still miss pasta but I have to say that I LOVE zucchini noodles!


To see what other people are eating visit I’m an Organizing Junkie. Thanks for stopping by.

4 replies on “Again on a Tuesday, Monday Plan Menu”

  1. When I tried cutting out his grains (some I was just switching to gluten free things) he dramatically stopped eating. So he’s back to all his regular carbs. He had been branching out and tasting some meat and eggs but no, not any more. His only source of protein right now is his milk (with that disgusting Carnation breakfast mix) and peanut butter. Sigh. I’ll try weaning him off the stuff again once he’s eating more real food! The I love this food one day and then refuse to eat it the next is driving me crazy but I believe that is typical 2 year old behavior.

  2. So I probably shouldn’t mention that my five-year-old still does that… 😀

    Actually, his big brother has *only in the past year* begun to branch out a bit, but not without LOTS of complaining.

    It’s a process…

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