McCoy’s all stitched up!

No, no emergency trips to the vet. I just finished my quilt block of McCoy. The two quilt blocks are for a raffle quilt to raise money for the rat terrier rescue that we adopted McCoy through, Ratbone Rescues.

Here is McCoy and his quilt block.
McCoy and his quilt block

Sewing is not my forte. Everything about it is stressful. Ryan pointed out that when I started baking I was all stressed but now, after a lot of practice I’m a good baker. However, when I mess up in the kitchen at least the dogs still like it. All the wripped out stitches, piles of “oops” fabric scraps, and other assorted messes from my sewing project are not edible or recyclable. Well, I guess they’d compost but we don’t have an actual compost pile– just a worm bin. Would worms eat fabric?

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