Last week I made tortillas for our chicken tacos. This is the second time I’ve made homemade flour torillas and my second recipe trial. This recipe actually had some cornmeal along with the flour– for flavor and texture. It definitely tasted better than the first recipe I tried but not as soft and flexible– made good non-fried tortilla chips though! I’m going to try it again and not bake the tortillas as long but if that doesn’t work I’ll try another recipe. I really want to find a good, reliable, tortilla recipe.

Here is a tortilla cooking. This was the only one I took a photo of and, amazingly, the most circular. I seem to have an issue with rolling them out round.
Here is the stack of finished tortillas. We ate the whole stack! Of course they were really thin, crepe like thin, and crispy!
Shakespeare says, “Yummy!”

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