Granny Goose’s Mother’s Day Quilt

It all started last year and it was all Aunt Diane’s fault. She had the idea that we should make a memory quilt for Grandma for her next birthday. We all loved the idea, however being a family of procrastinators there was no way it would be ready for Grandma’s 87th birthday. Thanks to lots of nagging from Aunt Andie (the only non-procrastinator in the family) we were able to get our blocks done in time for the quilt to be finished for Mother’s Day. Of course all of us finishing our individual blocks was only step one, my sister Lauren then had to put all the blocks together, making all the little blocks that tie the quilt together, make the backing, binding, and then all the quilting too! She did an amazing job!

Here is the finished quilt.
Our block is in the top left hand corner. It has photos of Ryan and me when we were kids, pics of our 4 legged kids, and the center is a photo of us at Ryan’s sister Kelly’s wedding last year.
The center block of the quilt is a photo of a very young Georgia holding baby Elyse. The photo is surrounded by the butterflies Grandma loves so much.
Here is Granny Goose with her memory quilt.
We love you Grandma!

2 replies on “Granny Goose’s Mother’s Day Quilt”

  1. Love the quilt! That’s such a wonderful keepsake.
    My sister made one when Bryce was born using my mother’s old clothes and it’s something I’ll always treasure.
    What a lucky Granny!

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