We’ve got Snow!

For a little while anyhow. It’s supposed to turn to rain later this evening. The snow started coming down around noon and pretty soon McCoy was fussing to go out and play in it. We took both dogs over to the field to enjoy the first snowfall of the season.
As you can see it isn’t really sticking, but it was really blowing around. Tried to get some photos of the dogs but McCoy wasn’t cooperating.
He’s just a blur. Maybe I can get Poppy to stand still for a shot.
Oh no, Poppy’s under attack! McCoy fights unfairly. He’s off-leash and runs in, attacks, and then dashes just out of her leashed range. Poor Poppy.
Finally got McCoy to stand still. That is his “woobie” in his mouth. He likes to hold his leash in his mouth. Instead of having him destroy yet another leash, I took part of his old one and he holds it now instead of chewing (and tugging) on his actual leash. Even when he’s off-leash he likes to carry around his woobie, such a goof!
Not much snow, and it hasn’t actually stuck to the ground but it’s enough to make us happy. We got snow!

One reply on “We’ve got Snow!”

  1. Yay!
    I’m trying to be happy with ours, but it’s soooooooo COLD!
    Happy December folks and thanks so much for the card and note. It really lifted my spirts. :o)
    love, Heather

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