Christmas 2009

I didn’t make any resolutions this New Year’s which is a good thing because I’m sure that if I did one of them would have been to post more often and I would have already failed. Here it is halfway through January and we haven’t posted about Christmas or Xander’s first birthday. So let’s pretend it’s still December and post about Christmas.

We had a lovely Christmas. Xander was quite taken with the tree.

Xander and the tree
Xander checking out the decorations.

Xander was blessed with a lot of presents.

Xander's loot
All for Xander!

He was rather overwhelmed by opening all the gifts. We should have spaced them out throughout the day instead of trying to open them all at once.
New toys
So many new toys!

He loved checking out all his new toys and eventually started playing with them. He had a great first Christmas.

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