Xander’s 1st Birthday!

On January 8, our little Xander Bear turned 1 year old! To help him celebrate he had his Grandma Edwina, Grandma Suzanne, Grandpa Ricky, Uncle Daron, and Aunt Michaela here.

To commemorate his birthday we went for a walk on the property up to see the Blue Spruce that Ricky and Suzanne gave us. This birthday Xander is taller than the tree. Wonder which will be taller next year?

Xander and the Blue Spruce
Xander is taller this year!

Since he seemed to get overwhelmed by all the presents at Christmas we decided to space opening his birthday presents throughout the day. So after our walk we opened the first few gifts. Poppy Seed wanted to inspect the neat thermos he got. Now Xander has his very own thermos! He was always trying to get Ryan’s.

Xander's new thermos
Poppy checking out the thermos.

We got him a set of Boomwhackers, they are plastic tubes that are tuned to musical notes. They are really neat, you can hit them on things, against each other, or with mallets to play music.

Xander with the Boomwhacker
Xander having fun with the Boomwhacker

No Xander, don't whack Grandma!

Monkey grin
Thank you Aunt Kelly, Uncle John, and Sophie! I love Monkey!

Xander got all these neat blocks from his Grandma and Grandpa Williams. He has alphabet blocks, letter blocks, and farm animals.

Xander and his new blocks!

Someday he’ll be able to build tall towers like his Uncle Daron.

Daron's tower
Daron's amazing tower

Finger puppets
Popper from Great-Grandparents Welch and adorable finger puppets from Daron and Michaela.
Giant stackers
Opening the giant stacking blocks from Grandma Edwina, he loved the green bow!

He had a wonderful first birthday and we had a great time visiting with family. It’s been a wonderful year and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

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