First Haircut

Xander’s hair was growing over his face making him look like a sheepdog.

Shaggy Xander
Shaggy haired Xander with Soggy Guy

So last Sunday Ryan decided to give him a quick trim. Which is easier said than done. Xander would not keep his head still, kept twisting this way and that. I was sure he was going to get poked with the scissors. Glad I was the one with the camera and not the one with the scissors.

Ryan trimming Xander's hair.

He still needs some trimmed around his ears and a few stray hairs around the face but we’ll do that another time, like when he’s asleep! Xander really seems to be happy to not have hair in his face. Haircut made Mommy cry though, my little baby was gone and in his place was a little boy!

Xander's new hair
Xander's first haircut.

I love the little boy! I’m excited to see the little boy and happily anticipating the adventures we will have but at the same time I miss the little baby.

Xander and Grandpa Ricky
Xander checking out his Grandpa Ricky. "Hey, you're someone new!"

Yeah, that little baby. This photo was taken last year at this time (photo 1.19.09, haircut 1.17.10), my goodness what a difference a year makes.

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