Nature Crawl

We finally had a sunny day here last Monday and Xander decided to go on a crawlabout.

"I'm going exploring"
Xander with leaf
He examined leaves
Xander with little rock
and rocks.
big rock little rock
Big rock, little rock.
"Must you take my photo?"
Xander moving
Let's explore elsewhere.
Xander with rocks
Look, 2 rocks, 1 hand!
Xander with tree branch
Xander looking up tree
"What ya doing Daddy?"
Ryan in tree
Ryan showing Xander how to climb.
Xander amazed
"Wow, I didn't know you could climb trees!"
Sleeping Xander
All worn out now, must sleep.

It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed spending time outside. While Xander got in some good exploring, we cut back Scotch Broom and pruned some of the fruit trees. Have I mentioned how much we love having this property?

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