Yesterday I used my very first Mother’s Day gift for the first time. Xander got me exactly what I wanted, a KitchenAide food processor. I made spinach lasagna for dinner last night and used the processor to grate the mozzarella. That part of making the lasagna went so much faster then when I had to […]

75° F equals Cooking!

Yesterday was the first really nice sunny day we’ve had this spring. 75° F and mostly clear skies. Such a nice combination that I had to break out a solar oven to cook lunch. But what to cook? I decided to make a recipe on the spot. Sun-Cooked Tortilla Pizza 1 tortilla assorted cheeses and […]

First Farmer’s Market Trip 2008

The Olympia Farmer’s Market started it’s new season last week. We weren’t able to go on opening day but on Saturday we took our first trip to the market for this year. Because of the cold weather we’ve been having this spring and the flooding we had in December there aren’t as many farm booths […]

Snow! and Baking

I thought Ryan was pulling my leg when he said it snowed this morning at the Olympia Airport but he wasn’t kidding. They really did get a dusting of snow. It was in the 30’s on our patio this morning but no snow here. It is chilly today, only 45° on the porch right now. […]

Pita Bread

This weekend I made baked falafel and pita bread. The falafel recipe isn’t one I’ll try again but the pita bread came out great. It was really neat watching the bread puff up! It made great pita pocket sandwiches but it was also good just folded around fillings like a tortilla. A few of mine […]


That is the lovely noise that the lids make as they are cooling and they create a vacuum seal. It is such a cheerful sound. We got another bunch of jam canned. This time it was a Blackberry Cherry Jam. It is an amazingly rich dark colour. [thumb:631:l][newline] The flash brightened the colour quite a […]

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