Porch Garden Update

The porch garden has been coming along well. The plants are all doing good. We’ve been enjoying fresh spinach lately — but I took it out today to make room for more tomatoes. Last weekend I took out the kale and planted four golden rave tomatoes in two Earthboxes and two more in an upside-down […]

Garden Growing

Our porch garden doesn’t really stop these days. We kept kale, broccoli, carrots, spinach and strawberries going through the winter. Our blueberry bush is budding out now and the peas are up. Everything is growing well. Yesterday I started tomato seeds, more Golden Rave tomatoes. It’s a bit late but we’ll see how they do.

Garden Update

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures from our garden. The photos are from last weekend, but in the few days since then the plants have grown even more. It’s a lot of fun seeing how they’re doing each day.

2008 Planning

It’s still cold out most days but I’m thinking about the garden for the new year. Right now there isn’t a lot going on in the garden. [thumb:750:l][newline] The garlic shoots look fine. They aren’t doing a lot but it hasn’t warmed up much at all yet. We have some greens that have been hanging […]

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