Garden Update

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures from our garden. The photos are from last weekend, but in the few days since then the plants have grown even more. It’s a lot of fun seeing how they’re doing each day.

Tomatoes & Zucchini

Time for another gardening post. Our tomatoes and zucchini have come up! [thumb:761:l][thumb:762:l][newline] We have Golden Rave Tomatoes, Beaverlodge Tomatoes and Trombancino Zucchini. Outside the other plants are doing well. Lots of new lettuce is up. The chives are growing well. The kale is taking off towards blooming before long. The garlic continues to do […]


We’ve been a bit late with some of the planting. Partly because the garden doesn’t stop anymore. The kale, chives, and garlic is all doing well. [thumb:757:l][thumb:758:l][newline] Peas are also already up along with some new lettuce. But we have to get plants started for the new year. We’re a bit late. So today we […]

2008 Planning

It’s still cold out most days but I’m thinking about the garden for the new year. Right now there isn’t a lot going on in the garden. [thumb:750:l][newline] The garlic shoots look fine. They aren’t doing a lot but it hasn’t warmed up much at all yet. We have some greens that have been hanging […]

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