Catching Up

We need to catch up on posts. Things have been coming along but we just haven’t been taking the time to post on the blog. I want to do better about that. As the weather has improved the porch garden is taking off. Kate’s planted lettuce and peas which are up now. The strawberry plants […]

2008 Planning

It’s still cold out most days but I’m thinking about the garden for the new year. Right now there isn’t a lot going on in the garden. [thumb:750:l][newline] The garlic shoots look fine. They aren’t doing a lot but it hasn’t warmed up much at all yet. We have some greens that have been hanging […]

Sunny Morning

The sun came out this morning so as I was coming back from testing my hammock I stopped and uncovered the plants on the porch. [thumb:739:l][thumb:738:l][thumb:737:l][newline] Our lettuce and kale is doing really well. The new garlic plants are just coming up now. It’ll be our second year with garlic. I planted some new lettuce […]


The sun came out today. I pulled back the covers to let the plants enjoy the nice weather. [thumb:736:l][thumb:735:l][thumb:734:l][newline] Our Fall plants all look to be doing well. The new pepper cress and lettuce has come up. I didn’t notice any mache or garlic showing yet. We’ve been enjoying the fresh lettuce. We’re leaving the […]

Winter Prep

Today I cleaned out a couple Earthboxes and planted garlic. The garlic is from our planting last year. We still haven’t run out of garlic. It stores well. I planted two more boxes this year. I also got out the row covers for the boxes to help with the cooler nights. [thumb:731:l] [thumb:732:l][newline] In addition […]


The other day it rained an awful lot. The field looked like a small lake. The garden is doing okay. We have lettuce at least. The strawberries keep producing little berries. We need to get the other boxes cleaned out and set up for the winter. I plan to plant more garlic in at least […]

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