Rollercoaster Ride that was 2009

I would say that 2008 was a year of stunned happiness and absolute bewilderment. Finding out I was pregnant after so many years of infertility was wonderful but just kind of unbelievable. Even now, with the proof sleeping in his crib I find it hard to believe! 2009 has been a year of highs and […]

So Very Thankful

Every year at this time we think of all the things we are thankful for. There are to many things to list so I’m just going to post about what I am most thankful for this year. Our Xander. He is such a blessing and has changed our lives so very much. I don’t know […]

Sitting Up

Xander has started to sit up on his own now. He isn’t doing it all the time but he’s working on it. I guess it will be like rolling over, at first we were always surprised when he’d roll himself over and then suddenly he did it with no problem and we just got used […]

More Phone Photos

Xander loves to play with Ryan’s sweatshirt ties. I didn’t realize he’d been doing it for so long. This picture is from March when I was in St. Peter’s for surgery. So that Poppy Seed and McCoy don’t feel left out…


I just put Xander down on the floor and told him to go get his ball. He scooted over and grabbed his ball! Now it could have been a coincidence– that was just the toy he wanted to grab right then, or he understood the word ball! I’m choosing to believe he understood what I […]

Banned Books Week

September 26th through October 3rd is Banned Books Week. This annual event draws attention to censorship across the country. I found this map of banned and challenged books very interesting. Reading about why people want books removed from schools or libraries always makes me want to read the book, even if it wasn’t something I […]

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