Happy 6th Birthday

Today is Poppy’s Birthday! [thumb:208:c][newline] I guess she didn’t really want a picture taken of her on her birthday. (Click the photo to see what I mean. Silly girl.) [thumb:209:c][newline] This morning we went for a long walk and later in the day she helped me with my writing. [thumb:207:c]

Happy Birthday McCoy!

Hard to believe that our boy is 5 years old. It seems like it was just yesterday that he was a pup too tiny to jump up onto the couch. [image:189:l][newline] And now he’s a big 50+lb boy! [image:185:c][newline] To celebrate his turning 5, he and Poppy Seed both got new bones to chew on […]

Poor Poppy

Poppy isn’t feeling well. Sunday morning she started vomitting. We were a bit concerned but later in the day she seemed to feel better. Monday she seemed to be doing better but didn’t eat much. But then Tuesday she vomitted again and started stretching a lot, looking uncomfortable. Clearly something wasn’t right. We took her […]

So many tomatoes, so little menu ideas…

We have a pile of tomatoes to use. We have Sungold cherry tomatoes from the CSA, and a similar (if not the same) type from Ryan’s parent’s garden, small red tomatoes from Ryan’s parents, big yellow Orange Blossom tomatoes from the CSA, and our first harvest of Thai Pink Egg tomatoes from our patio garden. […]

Doggies on Board

We had to make a quick trip to the store to pick up some things for Ryan’s birthday cake and dinner and decided that it was a good time to take the dogs in the new car. Now, anyone who knows our dogs will realize that this was a very noisy affair. Since we’ve never […]

McCoy’s all stitched up!

No, no emergency trips to the vet. I just finished my quilt block of McCoy. The two quilt blocks are for a raffle quilt to raise money for the rat terrier rescue that we adopted McCoy through, Ratbone Rescues. Here is McCoy and his quilt block. Sewing is not my forte. Everything about it is […]

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