My second book for the Stephen King Challenge is Carrie. Carrie, as I’m sure you all know, is the story of a teenage outcast who uses her telekinetic powers to strike back at her tormentors. While I did enjoy the story I found it difficult to read, it wasn’t the subject matter that I found difficult it was the style. The book is written in an epistolary structure (ooooh, Kate learned a new word!), using excerpts from news clippings and books to help tell the story. I found this style disconnected me from the characters.

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Menu Plan Monday

Another week with a menu plan! As I stated last week, I don’t plan specific meals to specific days. I just try to plan a certain amount of dinners for the week and then choose what meal depending on how our day is going or what we are craving. On the menu this week:

  • Tacos for Ryan & taco salad for me
  • Penne with tomato sauce, mushrooms, onion, and zucchini
  • Pepperoni, sausage, olive, and mushroom pizza (homemade)
  • Tortilla Bean Pie
  • Greek Pizza (spinach, onion, Kalamata olives, feta)
  • Chili dogs

I managed to get 3 meatless meals in there this week! Of course the pepperoni and sausage pizza and the chili dogs kind of counteract the goodness of 3 meatless nights.

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Pita Bread and Greek Chicken Salad

Today we had my mom over for lunch and I tried some new recipes from Annie’s Eats. I made pita bread and Greek chicken salad. Both recipes turned out really good, even Xander enjoyed the pita bread. Pita bread is really easy to make and homemade is so much tastier than the store bought.

Menu Plan Monday

I’m An Organizing Junkie hosts a menu planning link up each week and I’ve often browsed through to get fresh ideas for our menu. Since this week I actually had a menu (woohoo!) I decided to go ahead and link up. I don’t usually plan meals for specific days, just certain meals will happen this week and I chose what each day based on how things are going.

So this week we are having:


Leftover Lasagna

Linguine with Spinach Pesto

Ham and Broccoli Turnovers Ryan’s favorite dinner!

Homemade Pepperoni, Olive, and Mushroom Pizza

Pork and Sweet Potato Stew

Ham and Potato Soup (I added 2 cans of corn to the soup and then grated pepper jack into the bowl.)

Gingerbread Waffles

The lasagna is the only new recipe, though the linguine with spinach pesto was first tried last week. It’s a definite keeper, very tasty and easy! There are 8 meals planned so that I have options to change the meals around.

Thanks for stopping by.

Counter-Clock World

My first book for the Speculative Reading Challenge is Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick. This is my first Philip K. Dick novel and it was very interesting and fun to read but completely bizarre. Time has started to run backwards, the dead come back to life, everyone’s age is reversing until small babies get absorbed by women– really weird world.

The story itself revolves around the resurrection of a religious leader. There are those who want to stop this from happening, fanatics who want to worship him, and the people who work at the Vitarium (the business that digs up the newly revived people and sells them to the highest bidder) who are just trying to do their job and get entangled in this religious and political power struggle.

I will say again that this was a really weird book! That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, I did, but it just was bizarre.  To see what other people have read for the challenge go to Floor to Ceiling Books.

Sink Trap

My first book for the Suspense and Mystery Challenge is Sink Trap by Christy Evans. It is the first in the Georgiana Neverall Mysteries. When her job as a CEO of a computer security firm and her love life goes down the drain in Silicon Valley, Georgie moves back to her hometown of Pine Ridge, Oregon. To everyone’s surprise and her mother’s disgust she decides to become  a plumber.

I really enjoyed the character of Georgiana. She’s smart and funny, she has obviously been badly wounded but has gotten back up and is changing her life. Her relationship with her friends and her mother felt very real, the cute Airedales didn’t hurt the book either. These are definitely characters I want to read more about.

The mystery itself was pretty good, plenty of believable suspects though I would have preferred more finding of clues and less hearsay. This was a nice cozy mystery, not the least bit gory or very scary. Warning: While it didn’t contain tons of baked goods and yummy recipes like the Hannah Swenson Mysteries they did keep eating delicious sounding pizza and I am so craving it now!

Would I recommend this book? Yes, already put it aside to lend to my Mom and I’ve added the next two to my Amazon wish list.

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