The Talisman

One book down, eleven more to go in the Stephen King Challenge. I just finished reading The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Like most people, when I think of Stephen King I think of horror but he isn’t limited to that genre. The Talisman is a fantasy novel, yes it has it’s horrific moments but it is definitely a fantasy novel.

This is the story Jack Sawyer, a twelve year old boy who sets out on a quest to find the talisman that he’s been told will save his mother’s life. He must travel across the country to reach the talisman. Not only traveling through the United States, no, his journey also means traveling in the Territories, an alternate universe connected to our own. Jack has the ability to “flip” between these worlds. The Territories has wonders but also monsters, though Jack already knows that our own world has plenty of monsters of it’s own.

I really enjoyed this book, it has it’s very intense, dark and sad scenes but it isn’t a dark story, time and time again you realize that it’s the story of friendship and love. I had a hard time getting into the book in the beginning, before he starts off on his journey, but I don’t know whether that was the book or if I was just too distracted by a crazy toddler running circles around me (usually with the volume on High!). Once Jack really got started on his journey I was truly entrenched in the story. I would definitely recommend this book.

To see what other challenge members have read visit Book Chick City. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve gone crazy…

I’ve decided to sign up for another book challenge! I’m signing up for the Speculative Fiction Challenge 2011 hosted by Floor to Ceiling  Books. While looking through titles to read for the Stephen King and Mystery and Suspense Challenges I kept coming across other books that I’ve been wanting to read— most of which fell into the Speculative Fiction category. I wanted to sign up for the 100 Book challenge that Book Chick City was hosting, Ryan and I have aimed for that in the past, but that was before Xander. I’ve found it very difficult to find time to read and take care of a very active in to EVERYTHING toddler so I thought 100 books was seriously unrealistic.

If you’re interested in speculative fiction please join me in the challenge!

Mystery & Suspense Challenge 2011

I’ve decided to sign up for the mystery and suspense challenge hosted by Book City Chick too. So along with reading 12 Stephen King books in the new year, I’ll be reading 12 mystery and suspense titles. As I said in the Stephen King challenge post I’m less concerned about reading the books than I am about writing the reviews– totally stresses me out but what the heck, it’s good to leave my comfort zone.

2011 Stephen King Book Challenge

Book City Chick is hosting a Stephen King book challenge. Read 12 Stephen King books in 2011 and post about them– you don’t need to have a blog, you can do reviews in the comments section on her site. Ryan and I are both signing up for it. I must admit I’m a little irked on the timing– I just read Cujo! Which was a much more personally disturbing story now that I’m a mom.

I’m excited to read more Stephen King books but the whole reviewing of the books is giving me a panic attack, flashbacks of grade school, so we’ll see how that part goes. If you’re interested in joining us in reading Stephen King books sign up, it’s only a book a month!

Happy Halloween!

We feel that Xander is too young to really enjoy trick or treating so we planned on staying in for Halloween. We’d make Jack O’ Lanterns, hand out any candy to trick or treaters that venture out on our little road, eat pumpkin pie, and watch a spooky movie (foregoing a true horror movie we watched Ghost Busters). We weren’t even going to do a costume for Xander since we weren’t going out but this morning we bought him a cute costume/pajamas. He had fun dressing in his new pj’s, can’t wait until bedtime when he finds out the bones glow in the dark!

Jack O’ Lanterns

Ryan’s parents brought us some pumpkins from their garden and today Ryan and Xander made Jack O’ Lanterns to decorate the porch. Xander was very excited by the carved faces but he refused to reach into the pumpkin and help scoop out the insides. He especially liked pointing at the face and saying “eye” over and over. Of course, he says eye for every facial feature right now. When Ryan lit the candles Xander got such an amazed look on his face, very cute! It was hard to get a photo of the carved faces because when I turned the pumpkins around Xander immediately turned them back facing him!  It took some persuading but Xander finally let me turn the pumpkins around so I could get a good photo of them.

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