Happy Birthday Poppy

Poppy turned seven years old yesterday. She had a fun day playing with Kate (I was at work). For dinner she got an extra treat — cornbread. This morning I took both dogs out for a long walk. Most of the time we just walk around the park across the street but the dogs love […]

McCoy Turns 6

McCoy is six years old now! [thumb:544:l][newline] He had a nice birthday on Wednesday. I’d meant to post about it before now but hadn’t found the time. He went outside for his birthday picture but doesn’t really understand holding still. [thumb:542:l][newline]

Poppy Seed Update

The lab results came back for the growth that was removed from Poppy Seed’s side. It was a dermal hemangioma. Combined from multiple posts on Vet Info: It is sort of hard to find information on hemangiomas. These are a benign lump formed by blood vessel tissues that occur in the skin. Hemangiomas can vary […]

Poor, poor, pitiful me!

That is Poppy Seed’s current theme song. On Friday she went in to the vets to have her teeth cleaned and to have a growth on her side removed. This isn’t the first time she’s had her teeth cleaned so we already knew she’d be in pain from that (they really scrub them good!), add […]

First Snow 2006

[thumb:469:l][thumb:468:l][newline] We got up this morning to our first snow (slush) of the year. It’s raining now and I expect it’ll all be gone soon. According to the current forecast, though, we should be seeing some more snow later today or tonight and tomorrow. Possibly a couple inches. But then it’ll be raining and warmer […]


Last week I made tortillas for our chicken tacos. This is the second time I’ve made homemade flour torillas and my second recipe trial. This recipe actually had some cornmeal along with the flour– for flavor and texture. It definitely tasted better than the first recipe I tried but not as soft and flexible– made […]

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