First Bath and First Outdoor Trek

On Monday Xander got his first real bath, not just a sponge bath. He wasn’t too sure what to think about it. He didn’t like the scrubbing or the rinsing, but was pretty calm about just sitting in the nice warm water. Later in the day the weather finally cooperated and got nice and sunny […]

First Farmer’s Market Trip 2008

The Olympia Farmer’s Market started it’s new season last week. We weren’t able to go on opening day but on Saturday we took our first trip to the market for this year. Because of the cold weather we’ve been having this spring and the flooding we had in December there aren’t as many farm booths […]

Pita Bread

This weekend I made baked falafel and pita bread. The falafel recipe isn’t one I’ll try again but the pita bread came out great. It was really neat watching the bread puff up! It made great pita pocket sandwiches but it was also good just folded around fillings like a tortilla. A few of mine […]

We’ve got Snow!

For a little while anyhow. It’s supposed to turn to rain later this evening. The snow started coming down around noon and pretty soon McCoy was fussing to go out and play in it. We took both dogs over to the field to enjoy the first snowfall of the season. [thumb:744:l][newline] As you can see […]

Electricity Use

Over the last month we managed to bring down our electricity use quite a lot. Mostly we’ve just been better about turning things off and minimizing use of the heaters when they aren’t really needed. We still use more than I’d like but we only have a few more options to reduce usage in the […]

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