Taking a stroll in our orchard

Yesterday Poppy Seed, McCoy, Xander, and I took a stroll up our hill to the orchard. The grass needs to be cut back and the trees pruned. Not sure if we’re even going to keep the trees. We have to read more about them. The trees are covered with lichen and that makes me think […]

Lost posts, moving on…

We had some trouble with our website host and lost several posts, we switched hosts and I was going to re-post the lost ones but it hasn’t happened and at this point I doubt I will. After the trouble with our web host we just got very busy with house hunting and buying and then […]

Side Yard

Used Photosynth to make a panoramic view of our side yard. You have to be using Windows for this to work, sorry. This is the yard on the eastern side of our house. The property line is about 10 to 15 feet behind the trees.

Coffee Break

Tried out a new recipe. They were good but it needs more tweaking. I already fiddled with it a bit by adding some whole wheat flour. The recipe called for white chocolate chips, which was actually all I had in the fridge, but I don’t really like white chocolate so I’m going to change that. […]


Yesterday I used my very first Mother’s Day gift for the first time. Xander got me exactly what I wanted, a KitchenAide food processor. I made spinach lasagna for dinner last night and used the processor to grate the mozzarella. That part of making the lasagna went so much faster then when I had to […]

2 Months Old!

Little Xander Bear is two months old today! He did catch Ryan’s cold but it never got too bad, no fever, just stuffed up and a little bit of coughing.  His regular baby sneeze is just cute but his having a cold sneeze is by far the cutest thing ever. He turns into a pillbug, […]

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